Youtube Vlogger Lena the Plug

Today we have a nice one for you guys… Lena Nersesian, aka Lena the Plug.  Now, this chick is famous for dat ass… and you’ll soon see why.  She’s also very “open-minded”… she let her boyfriend Adam fuck her best friend Emily (and she joined in on the fun).  Kids these days.  Here’s a great collection of her nude photos, along with the latest scandalous videos she’s put out on Instagram and Snapchat (porn on that one, heh!).

She reminds us a bit of Mia Khalifa, no?  Maybe she’ll make the jump to hardcore porn one of these days.

Lena has a very nice booty

Lena Nersesian in a thong

Her Sexy Pics Photo Collection

selfie pic

Girls these days… they get better and better! Check out the naughty ones a bit farther down the page.

Entire gallery here ((68 pics))

Lena’s Nude Photo Collection

ice cream booty
I scream booty

Entire gallery ((39 pics))

Thick is in, and this chick personifies it.  She has a big ass booty, perky little tits, and an attitude that just tells you she loves sex.  She’d definitely let you finish in her mouth, no doubt.


What a great sex tape…